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Starbucks – Blackpool S.C.

Starbucks seem to be opening everywhere and Blackpool Shopping Center is the most recent I have seen. For those of you familiar with B.S.C. Starbucks is located in the unit vacated by Xtravision some time ago. The entire area is wheelchair and buggy accessible (ask Jack) and has ample circulation space. Jack came with me to check it out.

Jack my assistant

Jack my assistant

The Accessible Toilet is exactly that, accessible, as it should be for a facility that has just opened. It is spacious and clean and has all the appropriate bars in the appropriate places. I was disappointed to see that the emergency pull cord was secured about 2 meters off the ground. I did speak with Tommy about the matter and he assured me that he will raise it with his immediate supervisor. I will return shortly to check it out.

Parking is readily available with a number of Designated Disabled Spaces in the immediate vicinity.

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A night out and the morning after

I’m not sure why I wrote this but it was weird this morning, not freaky, just different and since I haven’t posted a lot recently I decided that this would be a reintroduction of myself. I wanted to share some of WWW.MS.DG (Weird Wonderful World. Multiple Sclerosis. Declan Groeger)

My internal clock has 07.00 indelibly etched after a number of years taking a pill at that time every morning, a time of my choosing, and which must be repeated around 12 hours later. It really is not a hardship as I have my best hours in the morning; my energy levels slip a bit in the afternoons and evenings. Sometimes, like this morning I want a lie-in but my internal clock insists on telling me it is 7 o’clock and time to get moving.

You see last night we went for a meal and a movie with 2 of my brothers and their wives; Martin & Mary, Kerrie & Bríd and Jean & Declan. Let me set the scene; the movie was produced by my nephew Fionn and it was being shown at the Indie Cork Film Festival so it was a must see for us and a yellow rain warning was in operation for Cork. We arranged to meet in Luigi Malones for a bite to eat before the show. It was raining pretty heavily by the time we parked the car and we got our first wetting getting from the car to the restaurant. The food was up to Luigi Malones usual high standard but the accessible toilet was a major let down. It is tired looking but it is roomy and functional. It really needs a makeover. Our second wetting came while returning to the car and our third and final wetting came while we were moving from the car to the cinema by which time the rain was absolutely torrential. The film “Twice Shy” was directed by Tom Ryan and produced by Fionn Greger; it is topical and well worth watching if you get the chance. The rain had stopped by the time the film was over and it was well past my regular bedtime by the time we got home. The Gate cinema is wheelchair accessible with an elevator to the upper floors with 3 designated parking spaces adjacent.

I, and others living with MS, find that having a regular bedtime helps in getting a good night’s sleep and since I was late going to bed I decided to have lie-in in the morning. My alarm shrilled at about 07.00 and I turned over and took the pill and rolled back again. I slept but not a deep sleep and at 08.30 I was lying there thinking that I should get up, I will get up, I must get up, I want to get up. I wiggled my toes and did a mental check that everything was working and when I discovered that everything was fine I said I must get up, I should get up, I can get up but I didn’t get up and I don’t know why; I just lay there thinking about getting up but refused to act. This was MS brain at work. I wasn’t tired or cold, I was warm and rested but I just lay there and then at 08.45, without any warning my legs swung out of the bed and I found myself standing upright and ready to take on the world.

Is there a point to this story? Not really. I’m just saying that after a not very late night my head was in a different place when I awoke. I am now back to being supercalifragilisticexpialidicious sitting inside with beautiful sunlight shining in the window writing this.

Please don’t stop asking me to partake in different events. I may not be able to do them all but please let it be my decision. Borrowing Spoons has never been a problem for me and once I keep the number low pay back is not too difficult.

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McGettigans, Cork

We visited Mc Gettigans Cookhouse & Bar (Click Here) recently. The hostelry is located within the Ambassador Hotel, Cork and you would never imagine that what is now a beautiful hotel was once a nursing home. The hotel is snugly nestled on Military Hill which is the approach road to Collin’s Barracks, Cork’s only remaining working military barrack.

Mc Gettigans is a modern eatery, is beautifully decorated and the food delicious. Jean and I were joined for lunch by Elaine and Mairéad and the newest addition to the family our grandson Jack. We gave the menu a fair workout and all plates were cleared. Desserts followed with me declaring the Strawberry Pavlova the best ever.

Disappointingly there is only one designated disabled parking space adjacent to the front door which is serviced by a very gentle and user friendly ramp to a tiled and easily traversed reception area. Access to McGettigans would be difficult from other parking areas due to the hilly nature of the site. The dining area of McGettigans is accessible with a fully accessible washroom nearby.

All in all a great lunch in a great venue.

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Respect Designated Disabled Parking Spaces


Designated Disabled Parking Spaces and the abuse thereof has long been a source of controversy. The spaces are frequently occupied by thoughtless/selfish people with no right, they are frequently occupied by the ‘I’ll only be a minute brigade’ and badges are being used by ineligible people.

Before we consider a solution, it is necessary to understand why the problem exists. Designated Disabled Parking Spaces are the most coveted spots in any car park; they are the closest spots to the entrance doors and are also wider than the usual parking spots. The main reason they are designed this way is to make life less difficult for people with mobility issues. The car door may have to be fully open for a disabled person to get into or out from a car or their wheelchair may need to be placed at the side of the car for the person to sit in immediately on exiting the car. The parking spaces are located close to the entrances so that a disabled person can get inside as rapidly as possible particularly in inclement weather and let’s be honest Ireland has more than its fair share of bad weather.

There is also the issue of ineligible Blue Badge Holders and in my opinion these are the worst offenders of all.

Remember that it is not a prerequisite that a person uses a wheelchair to legitimately use the parking spaces. Some disabilities are not readily visible. Some people can only walk a short distance without fatigue setting in and it should be remembered that whatever the distance walked from the car it is the same distance back.

I would like to see these parking spaces being better policed. I would like to see Traffic Wardens and the Gardaí (Irish Police) check the badges when they see a person alighting from or returning to a car in public areas. Legitimate badge holders should not be embarrassed as identifications are often checked and this would be no different. The policing of these spaces is a different matter on private property but they should be monitored in a like manner by whatever security is employed.

P.S. San Diego are increasing parking fines for illegal use of these spaces to $740 (Click Here) and a judge in County Clare put a driver off the road for 6 months (Click Here) plus a fine of €500 for illegally parking in a designated parking space for sheer convenience – the ‘just a minute brigade’

Please feel free to share this post or leave a comment or use the contact form.

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Hanleys of Cork Seasonal Shop

It’s not far away you know! What says you? Christmas says I.

It comes around at the same time each year and each year we get rid of some older decorations and add some new ones. This is our first year in our new home so we decided to treat ourselves to a little extra. With that in mind we visited Hanley’s of Cork Seasonal Shop.

In terms of accessibility the shop is excellent. There are 2 designated parking spaces in a more than adequate car park. The shop is really accessible and even though gloriously stocked with all you might want in Christmas decorations it is navigable in a wheelchair.56 4 3 2 1

Hanley’s is also a Garden Centre which is totally accessible. There is a beautiful cafe on site. There are steps and a ramp connecting the Seasonal Shop and the Garden Centre but this is not doable without assistance.

I can thoroughly recommend a visit whether you are mobility impaired or not.

Christmas Rating 5 Stars. Accessibility Rating 5 Stars

Feel free to leave a comment or use the contact form for a private message

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RWC 2015 more than a dream come true.

Declan & ElaineI can’t say that this was a lifelong dream fulfilled because I had never dreamed of attending a Rugby World Cup match. It just wasn’t on any radar in my life.Rugby World Cup

It all started with an email I received on Monday 28/09/2015, from Multiple Sclerosis Ireland, offering the winner of a competition 2 tickets to Ireland v Italy in the group stages of the Rugby World Cup in Olympic Park, London. The competition involved a question concerning none other than Brian O’Driscoll and his record number of World Cup tries (Keith Earls broke that record on Sunday). I replied with the relevant information and much to my surprise and incredulity I won. It was then that the mad scramble began in earnest; airline tickets, accommodation, an appropriate green jersey and most importantly someone to accompany me. Travel = Ryanair to Gatwick – sorted, Accommodation = Jurys Inn Croydon – sorted, Green Jersey = Lifestyle Sports – sorted, Elaine Sheehan = Travelling Companion – sorted.

Since this is a blog site mostly about accessibility let me say that all sections of our journey were accessible. Olympic park was constructed with accessibility a major consideration. The tube was accessible without help and the over ground railway was accessible with a bit of help but that help was always close by. Jurys Inn was also accessible but we didn’t have time to do a full look around.

Excitement had been building for a few days and when Sunday morning eventually crept over the horizon at last it was time to head to the Cork Airport for the first leg of our journey. I was like a child fidgeting with excitement – are we there yet, are we there yet? We landed in Gatwick Airport and transferred to a train to Croydon and on to our hotel. Back to the station to discover that the elevator to Platform 4 was not working. Momentary feeling of dismay. An alternative way down was via another elevator to Platform 1 then a push up a big ramp and back down the other side to Platform 4. Elaine was brilliant. On we went to London Bridge where we transferred to the Tube. We were seriously pleased that the elevator was operating. Wow it’s a long way down to the Tube platform. We carried on to Stratford Station where the pre-match excitement was really palpable. We were making our way to the exit when an English gentleman, a very perceptive gentleman, approached us and asked whether we were going to the match and if we were would we like a spin? There was a fleet of custom fitted mini buses operating between the station and the stadium which was operated by volunteers and it was free. We loaded up for the short trip to Olympic Park.


Arcelormittal Orbit 80m High

Arcelormittal Orbit 80 meters high


Unfortunately The Orbit had closed by the time we got there but I would have loved to get a ‘Bird’s Eye’ view from the top. A return visit has gone onto the bucket list.




The Fan-Zone was accessible albeit with a bit of hard work on the grass. The area was a mass of green jerseys and food and drink was plentiful. The atmosphere was building up and we watched some of the Argentina v Tonga match on a huge screen while we had a liquid and solid lunch. Then we headed for the stadium.DSCN5291 DSCN5290 DSCN5288



There were  absolutely no accessibility issues getting into or around the stadium, as I said accessibility was a major consideration when the Olympic Park  was being planned and built. Henry told me that there are over 300 wheelchair points and all have uninterrupted views of the pitch. Accessible toilets are in a number of locations around the stadium.

DSCN5339 DSCN5344



DSCN5343 DSCN5304





After the match was over, WE WON, we headed back to the shuttle buses for our return journey to Stratford Station and back to Croydon. The tube from Stratford was absolutely packed but Elaine managed to find a spot for us.

And so our truly memorable weekend was coming to an end. More food and drink in Jurys Inn but with the added company of Mairéad and Rowan. Monday morning we headed back to Gatwick Airport and then on home.


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Red Cow Moran Hotel – 3 stars

Jean and I stayed in The Red Cow Moran Hotel (Click Here) last weekend as I was attending the ‘Living Well with Multiple Sclerosis’ conference. The conference was great but the hotel was slightly disappointing on the disability scale, well really it was only the bedroom, everything else was great.

I thought the reception area was quite impressive, very accessible and the staff were friendly and helpful. There are a number of designated parking spaces at the main entrance. There is a wheelchair accessible toilet adjacent to the reception desk alongside the elevators to the upper floors. Our bedroom was on the second floor (there is no first floor – go figure) and was spacious with accessible doorways but this is where the plaudits finish. The en-suite included a bath with shower taps and such washing facilities are rarely useable by people with mobility or balance issues. A bath is ultra-difficult for me as soaking in a tub drains my energy fast. No allowance was made for wheelchair users when the sink and the mirror were installed. It really isn’t rocket science to do things correctly with wheelchair users in mind and it is certainly not correct to claim wheelchair accessibility for a bedroom when it only refers to gaining access to the room

We ate in The Winter Garden Restaurant which is easily accessible with ample circulation space. The food and service were excellent and good value.

Those of us that use wheelchairs know that accessibility involves more than just getting inside. It is about getting into the building in the first place but then the premises must allow the wheelchair user to circulate freely and use all the facilities and the Red Cow certainly fulfilled those two criteria.

The bar was also perfectly accessible. The hotel has only one truly wheelchair accessible bedroom and all other ‘accessible’ rooms are on the second floor directly over the function room and as you can imagine functions are neither quiet nor short in duration.

The conference centre was accessible with a well ramped entrance and a very spacious wheelchair accessible toilet.

Overall not a bad experience but then we only stayed the one night and inadequate washing facilities weren’t a major deal.

How to rate such an experience on my disability scale? It obviously cannot be 5 because of the bedroom but everything else was grand. The bedroom and its facilities are an important part of any hotel and inadequacies in that area cannot be ignored so I award 3 stars.

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Hotel Killarney, Muckross & Dingle

Jean and I headed over the county bounds, last Wednesday, to join Mairéad, Rowan and Brendon along with Rupert & Blossom in Killarney (Click Here); we all stayed in Hotel Killarney. (Click Here) Mairéad and the gang stayed for three nights whilst we only managed one. While there we visited the Killarney National Park and Muckross House on Wednesday and onto Dingle on Thursday. The hotel is family friendly and Mairéad spoke very highly of it.

The reception area is tiled and easily navigable and Sheila, the receptionist on duty on Wednesday, greeted us with a warm friendly smile and was very helpful.

Reception Area

Reception Area

The dining room and a public bar are located on the same level. There is a further bar located on a slightly lower level (four steps) along with toilet facilities which include a spacious, clean and well equipped wheelchair accessible toilet. This lower level is accessed by a small platform lift which is operated by hotel staff on request.

Platform elevator between levels

Platform elevator between levels

Accessible toilet

Accessible toilet









Our bedroom, while being fabulous, was a good distance from reception and anybody with a manual wheelchair will appreciate that good upper body strength is required when wheeling on carpet. The room, which was more like a suite, was adjacent to a fire escape which is very important in the event of an emergency.

Our bedroom

Our bedroom

Our second bedroom

Our second bedroom

Our en-suite

Our en-suite

It consisted of a large double room, a large bedroom/sitting room/kitchenette and a spacious accessible bathroom with all the requisite rails and shower enclosure plus sink and mirror at the correct height. While on our way to breakfast on Thursday morning a lady, Christine, exited another bedroom on a mobility scooter. She told me that the entrance to her bedroom was a bit narrow for the scooter but it was doable. A few small issues with our bathroom would cause me to deduct a single star.

There are a limited number of parking spaces to the front of the hotel and many more, including designated disabled spaces, to the rear. The hotel is very accessible and disability friendly and deserves to be supported. 4 Stars

Killarney National Park and Muckross House (Click Here For Details)

Shortly after arriving and booking in we headed off towards Muckross. The National Park extends to c. 26,000 acres.

Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park

We opted for a Jaunting Car tour which took about 1 hour and no we didn’t see the entire National Park. Our tour guide Patrick made the trip very enjoyable and Tom the horse seemed to know his own way around leaving Patrick to concentrate on his description.

Boarding the Jaunting Car

Boarding the Jaunting Car

On Board with Máiread

On Board with Máiread









We stopped at Muckross House for a look around the outside and the gardens

Muckross House

Muckross House

Muckross Garden

Muckross Garden

and then on to Torc Waterfall, which is not wheelchair accessible.





We all thoroughly enjoyed the tour. We then headed into Killarney for refreshments. We found a number of designated parking spots adjacent to Scotts and headed in for our much needed refreshments before heading back to the hotel for a change of clothes and dinner.

After a leisurely breakfast on Thursday morning we headed off to Dingle (Click Here) by way of Inch Strand and the coast road about 90 minutes drive. The weather was quite wet and windy and when we reached Dingle we headed straight for the Aquarium. (Click Here)

Dingle Oceanworld

Dingle Oceanworld

Looking for Nemo

Looking for Nemo

The access was perfectly ramped and before we commenced our tour we enjoyed a cuppa and a scone. The aquarium is totally accessible and was a very enjoyable experience. The wheelchair accessible toilet is exactly that accessible with ample room.

We then travelled down the town and stopped off for ice cream in Murphy’s (Click Here) and a bit of shopping before heading for home.

Jean & Blossom enjoying Murphy's Ice cream

Jean & Blossom enjoying Murphy’s Ice cream

Máiread in Murphy's

Máiread in Murphy’s












The Beharie Clan stopped for a bit of hurling on Inch Strand but the weather deteriorated further and the game was cancelled

All-in-all a perfect few days.

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A day out in Dublin Zoo and Farmleigh House

Yesterday Jean and I headed for the 07:00 train to Dublin for a day out. We planned on a visit to Dublin Zoo (Click Here) and Farmleigh House (Click Here). Iarannród Eireann staff were as friendly and helpful as ever and the train departed on time. We arrived in Dublin on schedule and took a taxi to the zoo.

There are three designated disabled parking spaces at the main entrance and more to the rear if required. Our first stop on entering the zoo was at the Meerkat Restaurant for a cuppa, after the 2½ hour train journey. The meerkats can be watched while enjoying a cuppa. They are cheeky energetic chaps who will keep the kids occupied for a few minutes. The chocolate chip cookies were exceptional. The accessible toilet facilities were clean and spacious with all the requisite rails etc. The zoo is totally accessible and is a great experience for all ages, old and young, big and small. The speed and manoeuvrability of the sea lions is fantastic to watch, especially as you can see them from the viewing area under water or the platform looking down into the water. We saw a tiger gracefully padding across his enclosure and a pride of lions lazily sunning themselves in their own enclosure. Some of the monkeys were not as easy to spot on their islands as some are quite small.



The flamingos provided a beautiful burst of colour.

The Colourful Flamingos

The Colourful Flamingos

The day was warm and dry and a lot of the animals refused to waste any energy by parading in front of a large number of fascinated children and their accompanying parents and teachers. The elephants had no misgivings about moving around in the heat and were eating their lunch as we passed their enclosure.



A number of the access paths are a bit on the steep side but the nature of the land on which the zoo is built restricts unaccompanied wheelchair access. In any event I feel that a visit to the zoo is best when accompanied. There are a number of accessible toilet facilities scattered around the zoo. We rambled around for a couple of hours before leaving for Farmleigh House.

My sister Anita met us at the entrance gate where we loaded up and headed for Farmleigh which is also located within Phoenix Park. On the way over we passed Áras an Uachtaráin and the American Ambassador’s residence. After parking in one of the many designated disabled

parking spaces in the Farmleigh parking area we headed directly for The Boat House Café for a bit of lunch. The three of us cleared our plates and headed up to the house for the guided tour. The tour was very informative and well worth doing. The tour was of the ground floor only and there were so many ‘wow’ factors it would be difficult to isolate one but for me it has to be the library. The shelves are filled with actual books which can be made available for worthy research pieces. The quality of the woodwork and craftsmanship is outstanding.

The Library

The Library

Actually the quality of the workmanship throughout the ground floor is exceptional. There is a perfectly wheelchair accessible toilet in the courtyard. We then headed back to the Boat House where we had a cuppa and dessert before heading back to the train station for the journey home. But Farmleigh is more than a big house and a café; there are acres of gardens and beautiful mature trees. I would recommend setting aside at least a half a day for a more extensive exploration. Farmleigh is a national treasure and should be enjoyed by all.

A brilliant day out.

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Long Weekend in Winchester

VFMLID=32890079Jean and I and other family members travelled to England at the end of May to help my nephew Mark Egan celebrate his marriage to the love of his life Lucy Anderson.

We stayed in The Holiday Inn Winchester for three nights and so had ample time to critique the hotel. Click here for further information. The hotel is both modern and roomy in all areas and caters well for people with disabilities. The Holiday Inn group are obviously aware that people with disabilities make up approximately 15% – 17% of the population and that is too big a market segment to ignore. There are ample designated parking spaces adjacent to the front door of the hotel.

Our Bedroom

Our Bedroom

Our room was totally wheelchair accessible with more than enough circulation space and had the best accessible shower/toilet area that I have ever seen. 

En-suite En-suiteThere were 2 sinks, one low for me and one normal height for Jean. There were more than enough drop rails and hand rails in the shower area and 2 emergency pull cords. There was also a pull cord to the side of the bed. The wheelchair accessible washroom in the public area is of a very high standard.

Public Accessible Toiet

Public Accessible Toilet

Accessibility Rating: 5 Stars

Mark & Lucy Egan

Mark & Lucy Egan

Mark married Lucy on May 29th 2015 in St Peter’s Church, Winchester. The church, though old, is nicely ramped to the front door and is spacious inside. After the beautiful personalised service was finished and Mark and Lucy had been declared husband and wife we headed for Clock Barn for the reception. This was just a 20 minute drive from the church.

Supporting Cast Alex and Katya

Supporting Cast
Alex and Katya

Clock Barn is a barn conversion set right out in the countryside and as Thomas Hardy would have described it ‘far from the madding crowd’. Click here for further information. The access ramps are a bit steep but doable with assistance. One section of the hall had steps to it but the main action area was all level. The wheelchair accessible toilet was exactly that, accessible in every way. The food and entertainment and company were excellent. Accessibility Rating: 4 Stars

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La Lavanda –

We had our first Christmas night out last night with Martin and Mary in La Lavanda, an Italian Restaurant in Douglas Village East, Cork. It is an easily accessible restaurant with ample public parking nearby. There are also a number of designated disabled parking spaces in the vicinity.

The food was faultless and all the plates were cleared. Martin started with Crostini & Pate and followed on with Roast Chicken with roasted veg and sautéed potatoes; Mary started with  Antipasti and followed on with a Fish Pie and salad; Jean started with Bruschetta and followed on with Pollo a la Creme finished with a glorious helping of Tiramasu; I had Italian Spicy chicken wings to start with followed on with a seafood spaghetti and rounded off with a Meringue and Fresh Fruit Salad. Martin and Jean finished with Cappuccinos. We had 2 lovely bottles of wine. We felt it was good value at €155.

There is ample circulation space in the restaurant and there is a wheelchair accessible toilet on the premises which is a fine size but the access corridor is used for storing chairs which makes navigation a bit difficult but it really didn’t detract from a lovely evening. Well worth a visit.

Further details on Facebook

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Market Lane, Lower Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork

Elaine and Henry and Jean and I went out last night. There was no particular reason but we had celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary during the week and Elaine completed the awesome Killarney Adventure Race last weekend so really we were celebrating life. Our chosen destination was Market Lane (Click HERE) on Lower Oliver Plunkett St and we were absolutely delighted with our choice. For starters Jean and Henry had the soup of the day, a Moroccan vegetable soup, Elaine had pâté and I had pulled rabbit and all 4 plates/bowls were cleared. For mains Jean had the Ham Hock, Henry had a Sirloin Steak, Elaine had a Chicken dish and I had the fish platter and again not a problem. All absolutely fantastic. I had a dessert which I don’t do very often but I had Blackberry and Apple Crumble with cinnamon and custard. A few coffees finished off the evening.

But you all know that this blog is not really about the quality of the food or the service or the ambiance. The restaurant was hopping with people queuing to get in but the staff made an easy route for my entry. I went to check the disabled toilet facilities and found them to be spacious but there were no grab rails or a drop bar which can make life a bit difficult. I did make my comment to a staff member who promised that he would bring it to the owner’s attention. It will be easy to remedy the situation. Oliver Plunkett St is a pedestrian friendly zone in the heart of Cork City and Market Lane is very accessible for people with any mobility issues. Circulation space on the approach to the toilet was a bit restricted due to the large crowd but it was Saturday evening and if a good restaurant is not busy on a Saturday evening then it is probably not a good restaurant. Staff were on hand to assist in clearing a path for me.

There are a number of designated disabled parking bays in the vicinity. Click HERE or HERE  for the list from Cork City Council.

I have absolutely no difficulty in recommending Market Lane.

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The Old Weir Lodge, Killarney

Let me begin by saying that this is an absolutely lovely guesthouse for 80% to 85% of the population. The entrance foyer is spacious and well decorated. Our room was also spacious and clean and tidy. Click here.

The venue fails to cater for the 15% to 20%of the population that have mobility issues. There are no designated disabled parking spaces – not one. There is a nice ramp up to the front door but there is a small step at the door and those of us with mobility problems know that even small steps can make a big difference. The en-suite in our room was totally accessible but there were no grab rails to make life easier. Shaving was not made any easier with the mirror about 18 inches above the sink. The shower was a standard cubicle with one small grab rail. Not the best of showers.

The entire venue is designed for people without any impairment and if you are one of those lucky people, good for you. Somewhere between 15% & 20% of the population have some mobility issues and businesses that chose to ignore the needs of that segment of the market, do so at their peril, because this segment of the market is growing.

I definitely could not recommend this guesthouse.

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The wedding of the year!

The wedding of the year!.

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Perry Street Market Cafe, Cork

Jean, Elaine and I went to Perry Street Market Cafe recently to have a bite to eat. This little known gem is located about 2 minutes off Patrick St as you head towards the Opera House. To those GAA and sporting fans it is across the street from Larry Tompkins Bar. In a former life it was a furniture store and has got a new lease of life with a radical transformation. It is obvious that a lot of thought went into the redesign and someone who knew what they were doing designed the disabled toilet.  It certainly showed me that old buildings can be made wheelchair friendly and accessible, including the toilet facilities.

Perry 1 Perry LooThe food we had was gorgeous and the service excellent. There is a fairly extensive selection available and Jean and I had spiced beef while Elaine had chicken. There is ample circulation space but like all places at peak times it might be a small bit tight. I have been told that even without the wheelchair, space is at a premium at lunchtime. There is a designated disabled parking space at the front door. The toilet is wheelchair accessible with plenty of room and the appropriate grab-rails. The cafe is well worth a visit and I will definitely be going back.

My Disabled Accessibility Rating is 5 Star

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Cork International Airport Hotel

We finished the mini-marathon on Sunday Sept 15th. We went to the Market Bar to re-hydrate with other participants from various charities including MS Ireland. The wheelchair toilet is accessible, the pints good and the atmosphere great. We headed for home where Henry proceeded to pump my wheels for the fast approaching sojourn to Spain. We had only left the house on our way to the hotel when we heard a peculiar short sharp hiss from the boot. Yes you’ve guessed it one of the wheels had punctured.

What to do now? 5 O’Clock on Sunday evening and heading to Spain for 10 days. The Edge in the Kinsale Road Commercial centre came to the rescue. They couldn’t repair it but fitted a new tube and supplied another in case we had another incident on holiday. Eternally grateful to the Edge we then continued with our journey to The Cork International Airport Hotel. If you remember a previous post I was not particularly complimentary of the disabled parking facilities.

As promised a directional sign has gone up near the front door and there are plenty designated parking spaces with easy access at the rear of the hotel. We stayed that night and the room was spacious and the en-suite in the room was totally accessible. The bar and restaurant on the ground floor was easy to navigate and the wheelchair toilet near reception was perfect.

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