Words are not enough!

I was promoted to granda in June 2016 and WOW it was a life changing event of seismic proportions. I was a little concerned about my ability to be a good granda and wrote about it on Living Like You (Click HERE for the article) 

From the first moment I cuddled him I knew that my concerns were without foundation.


My first cuddle with Jack

Jack Sheehan changed my world forever and for the better. At the outset let me say that no words can express the way I feel about him and this is just an amateur attempt. He has had a huge impact on my life and the pure joy and happiness he has brought me is immeasurable. I have yet to meet any one who could describe ‘grandparenthood’ in any clear and comprehensible way. We have dropped down the pecking order of our family pyramid, Jack has taken pole position; he is the king.

I was absolutely thrilled when Jack invited me to accompany him on his first holiday in Spain in September 2016. We had such an enjoyable time that he invited on his next foreign trip which was to Brighton, England in April 2017; I can’t wait for my next invitation.


I have had him perched on my shoulders but for safety reasons I was seated and closely supervised.  “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” There is little chance of that happening as he loves play but also loves books and a bit of culture.

He has no fear of my wheelchair, it having been a part of my life since he came in to it and when we are out together if I am not level with his buggy he peers around to find me and indicates that I should be level with him.


An early visit to Starbucks

He has taken to technology like a duck to water and loves sitting at my computer or playing with my tablet.

When he comes into our house of a morning and I am not sitting at my computer desk he expresses his concern in his own inimitable way.

He scurries around the house faster than I do and has had numerous spins in my rollator which he now uses to help him stand.


Jack in the box

He has the most gorgeous smile along with a fantastic laugh that I firmly believe will get into, and out from trouble in equal measure. I love him to bits and life can only get better and is so much richer since he came into our world.

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