My Year (2015) in Review

2014 didn’t finish too well with pains in my right shoulder and left hip that required steroid injections and further tests. It is important for those of us living with MS to realise that not all of our problems are MS related and I was relieved that these issues were not MS related; not a progression of the disease. I was formally diagnosed with Osteoporosis in January and added more tablets to my daily regimen. I was also hospitalised in January with severe septicaemia which fortunately cleared quickly. The cause and effect will be the subject of a special blog later on in the year. Jean thought I only arranged it to avoid moving house; I was admitted to hospital from our temporary accommodation the night before the big move and was released into our beautiful renovated/customised new home after the move was complete. My overall health improved in our new home; a lot done more to do.

I travelled a bit during the year. Jean and I went to Spain in April to recharge our batteries after the move and the associated hassle. I went to Rome for a Patient Summit with some of my fellow MS & Me bloggers courtesy of Novartis in May. Elaine and I travelled to London to a Rugby World Cup match in October. The match tickets came courtesy of Multiple Sclerosis Ireland.

Two of my nephews were married during the year and I was lucky enough to be invited to both. Mark and Lucy were married in Winchester in May and Sean and Heidi were married in Glengarriffe in August.

Jean and I have not ignored our home tourist industry. We visited Dublin Zoo and Farmleigh House in June.

We then visited Killarney and Muckross with the Beharie family in August.


Jaunting Car in Muckross Park

Jean accompanied me to the MS AGM in The Red Cow Hotel in September. We stayed in The Gibson Hotel when we attended The 3 Arena for ‘How Now Mrs Brown’s Cow’ and the week beforethat I had stayed in The Spencer Hotel, Dublin with the MS & Me blogging team. Jean and I along with Elaine & Henry went to Thomond Park to see Munster v Treviso. It was Jean’s first live rugby match and the 4 of us stayed in The Strand Hotel which is only a short walk/wheel from Thomond.

I decided to try an alternative homeopathic remedy in October. It isn’t touted as a cure for MS or even able to alleviate the symptoms but on reading and researching the product I decided to try it. There was an immediate but short lived improvement and I discontinued it in December. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Periodically throughout 2015 my left hip has been “short circuiting/twitching”, MSers know what I mean and this resulted in a loss of confidence in unassisted walking – no support + twitch = fall.

My New Year Resolution for 2016 is to stand more and do more standing up; not to take the easy way out. If you can’t stand you definitely cannot walk; use it or lose it.

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11 thoughts on “My Year (2015) in Review

  1. Glad to hear you’ve had a wonderfully active year! I believe your positive attitude and obvious zest for life plays a large part in this. My grandma used to say, “You rest, you rust.” That’s true for everyone of us; with or without MS. Here’s to a new year full of new adventures!

  2. Nice to read about your journeys this past year. Awesome that you were able to travel and visit family. You’ve got true grit! When I was in physical therapy, the therapist said the most important exercise is the ‘sit to stand’ exercise for just the reason you mentioned. Here’s to taking on 2016! 🙂

  3. Looks like you’ve had a busy year! Love your ‘use it or lose it’ approach for making the most of the mobility that you have. Wishing you an active year ahead in 2016 🙂

  4. You did a lot in 2015 😉
    You are so right with “use it or lose it” . My father in September could barely lift himself from the bed or sofa to the wheelchair ; every day he tried to do a bit more ; he did his own Christmas shopping by himself with his canes and/or tripod 🙂
    Wishing you a Happy and as Healthy as possible 2016
    Turtle Hugs 🙂

  5. Yes, you’re right, use it or lose it. I can only walk a few steps and need my mobility scooter. But I’m going to try and exercise, see how it goes. I’ve just ordered a walking stick with an ergonomic handle as I hurt my wrist with the other. Wishing you and yours a good 2016 🙂

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