MS & World War II, a quirky comparison


There are very few people alive in the world today that remember the end of World War II and even fewer that could remember its beginning but I hope that many of you will remember the history of WWII and the preceding years. History shows us how Hitler tried to conquer Europe, his initial successes and his ultimate failure and destruction. This may seem strange at first sight but MS and the Third Reich have many similarities. MS and WWII are like dizygotic twins, alike in so many ways but also completely different.

Hitler started by taking control of Germany, he slowly moved into Poland and followed on by taking most of central Europe. He was unpredictable in his strategy. The allied forces yielded a lot of ground in the initial stages but when our Americans allies came fully on board the tables started to turn and Hitler was eventually routed.

I think that Multiple Sclerosis starts off like WWII. It usually starts off with small attacks; symptoms like tingling, loss of balance, lack of energy become apparent and then slowly get a grip on our bodies. It buries itself deep and takes root and is unpredictable as was Hitler. As it gets emboldened it targets our eyesight, our mobility, our cognitive functions and our independence. Not unlike how Hitler took Central Europe. No one knows where it will target next. It is totally unpredictable as was Hitler. MS is engaged in a major battle with our bodies as it tries to exert its unstoppable destruction of our myelin sheath and ultimately us. Hitler had few allies but counted Mussolini as one. MS has few allies but if an infection gets into our bodies MS will use it to achieve its stated aim to destroy us; all very similar to WWII.

The allies are now lining up to assist us in the battle and their resources are huge, they are immeasurable. Our allies are the medical research teams but also people like George Jelinek and Terry Wahls with their dietary sloutions. As Hitler suffered small defeats leading to larger defeats and his ultimate demise MS is now suffering such setbacks. Medication to slow the progression of the disease is now readily available and there are many more in the pipeline. Research is being undertaken like never before, new treatments are becoming available and hope is beginning to shine its powerful light in our direction. It is so like the beginning of the end of WWII. The forces have gathered at the beach heads and the heavy weapons have been deployed but the targeting system has not yet been perfected.

Just as Hitler was defeated MS will also be defeated. The only issue is when? How much longer will it take? How much more pain and suffering will be inflicted on people living with MS, and their families, before the disease is finally wiped out?  When will all this happen you ask? I can’t answer that just now but I firmly believe that with the massive resources that are available MS cannot withstand the onslaught that is being unleashed on it. It is just a matter of time and when that day comes  I will be able to say “I used to have MS”.

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7 thoughts on “MS & World War II, a quirky comparison

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  2. Declan, this is a great analogy and superb thinking. I especially like the ending!

  3. Thanks for your story. It was very interesting comparing MS to WWII.

    I was diagnosed with MS in 2001 and it is just starting to really take hold of my body. I truly believe that there will be a cure for MS in the near future. There are too many advancements happening right now to not have a major breakthrough soon.

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