Make the most of what you have

As I sit here contemplating the hand of cards that life has dealt me I’m getting annoyed at the world and the random way it has dealt the cards. Of course all card deals are random and you play with what you are dealt. In some card games there are re-deals but life has no such luxury. Depending on what ails you, medication may be classed as a sort of re-deal but in life’s re-deal you rarely end up with a winning hand.

If there was a re-deal what would I like to do most?

  • I would love to be able to swim again, that my weakened legs would move fast enough to propel me through the waves and then walk unassisted through the sand back to my sun lounger
  • I would love to go rock fishing by The Old Head of Kinsale. To be able to climb down to the shore line, fish for a couple of hours and then carry my bag of fish back up to the top
  • I would love to be able to look after our garden. To cut the grass, prune the bushes and weed the flower beds. I was never much good at the garden but I loved trying.

What do I miss most while I await the re-deal?

  • Standing while having a chat without having to lean on something or someone for support
  • A stroll to the local shop and back home again
  • Not having to hurry to the loo or interrupt a conversation for a loo break

What do I think I miss?

  • Dancing – I was never any good at it anyway
  • Skydiving – I only want to do it because I know I can’t
  • Run a marathon – no, too much like hard work

Jack London said “Life is not about holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well.” That is so true but it didn’t stop me listing some of the activities I missed, some of life’s basic activities and then some of the activities that I convince myself that I miss but in reality never even considered when young and healthy. Then I said to myself ‘suck it up’ and play the cards you were dealt not the hand you wish you were dealt. Be grateful for what you have and stop bemoaning what you don’t

What I am thankful for

  • I have a wonderfully loving and supportive wife, two daughters and extended family
  • I am fairly mobile, not as good as I once was but doing okay
  • I have a very positive mental attitude which helps me through the rough times
  • I am thankful that I discovered blogging and that a number of people enjoy my writing. I received a presentation from my local MS Ireland branch yesterday and was truly dumbstruck.
  • M Liz presenting my award

    Liz presenting my award

I’m glad it’s not 40, or even 20, years ago. Medications are now more widely available and the World Wide Web makes it easier to communicate with friends and family and people across the world whom I haven’t yet met

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6 thoughts on “Make the most of what you have

  1. You know I can relate to this! And you know I’m a fan. Your award is well deserved – your reviews are helpful for those who live nearby, and I bet others further away enjoy it like I do.

    • Declan Groeger

      Thanks for the nice comment. I hope people like/enjoy/understand where I’m coming from and continue reading

  2. Declan Groeger

    Thanks Carol

  3. carol lihou

    Congratulations Declan. Lovely written piece.

  4. Declan Groeger

    Thanks Joan. I was so shocked and dumbstruck I couldn’t say a word. First time ever I was rendered speechless

  5. Congratulations on the prestigious award Declan. No better man!

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