My brother and The Camino de Santiago de Compostella

My brother Martin Martin for The Caminois going to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. For those of you who may not be aware of the Camino, it starts in southern France, crosses into northern Spain and meanders down into Portugal. The total distance to be covered is just short of 800Km, that’s 500 miles in old money. It really is a massive undertaking both in time and energy. There are no 5 star hotels along the way, just hostels with fairly basic facilities. It is not a journey that he is taking on lightly and he has been training for many months. His friends and neighbours have been watching him pound the footpaths with a weighted rucksack on his back. The thought of walking 25+ Km once is enough to send shivers down my spine but facing the same distance every day for 30 days is just unimaginable. What an undertaking? What commitment?
Martin is going to commence his walk towards the end of August, a week after Mairead’s wedding, and is due to complete it towards the end of September. Mary is going to join him for the last week to give him much needed support as the finishing line approaches.
Martin is doing the walk to raise funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland. I am a life member of that exclusive club. I know that there are huge calls on everybody every day of the week for charitable donations and I accept that the depth of pockets and the willingness and ability to give is finite. Donations can be made online at or to any member of our large family in person but if your money pot has run dry please keep him in your thoughts and prayers for the duration of the walk. Thank you in advance for any donations and I fully understand if you can’t. Click HERE to donate

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11 thoughts on “My brother and The Camino de Santiago de Compostella

  1. Reblogged and donated, job done 😉
    Best of luck to Martin.

  2. Reblogged this on followyournose and commented:
    It’s all about the Camino recently… a brother of a friend of mine is walking 500km starting this august, in aid of MS Ireland. Read about it here, if you wish, and are able to, lend a little support.

  3. Wow! Martin is a wonderful brother Declan. The best of luck with the walk and the wedding (how is that speech going?). I will give as much as I have (not much!!!!). Well done! X Joan

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  5. Reblogged and sponsered, Declan & Martin! Good luck!

  6. Reblogged this on Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me and commented:
    I usually don’t reblog blog posts, but this one is special as it regards the brother of a friend of mine. Martin will be walking the Camino de Santiago de raise funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland.
    Declan and myself are lifetime members of MS Ireland and you know how much I’ve written about them in the past. It’s an absolutely astonishing society who does the utmost for people and family members of those with MS. Through my advocating with and for them I see the efforts they make to try and help everyone affected, but having budget cuts year after year, the society can’t do everything they would love to do.
    I would therefore absolutely love it if anyone would want to sponsor Martin Groeger. To do so, please check Declan’s blog.
    Thank you very much in advance!

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