A tale of 2 cathedrals

I visited 2 cathedrals recently; the Cathedral of St Mary & St Anne in Cork City in the Dioceses of Cork and Ross (colloquially known as The North Cathedral) and St Colman’s Cathedral in Cobh in the Dioceses of Cloyne. Both cathedrals are striking structures.

Cathedral of St Mary & St Ann

Cathedral of St Mary & St Ann

ImageThe Cathedral of St Mary & St Anne has an enclosed car park with 1 designated disabled parking space. Unfortunately this space is at the bottom of a small hill and is as far as it could be from the cathedral entrance without being outside the car park.


There is a perfectly ramped entrance at the side of the cathedral but there is no signage in the car park to indicate where the entrance is. There are a number of ‘reserved’ spaces in the car park but no indication as to who they are reserved for. The internal doors of the cathedral are ‘double swing’ doors and thus easy to use. There is 1 designated disabled parking space on the street adjacent to the ramped entrance. Well worth a visit.

It would be easy to remedy these shortcomings by providing signage in the car park and relocating the disabled parking spot closer to the main entrance and there is space to facilitate the relocation.

My Accessibility Rating for The Cathedral of St Mary & St Anne is 4 out of 5

St Colman’s Cathedral in Cobh is a different matter. I visited the cathedral in May 2013 and Jean accompanied me. There is one designated disabled parking space quite a distance from the entrance but at least the parking area is all level. There is still a complete lack of signage indicating where the disabled entrance is. Image

I was unable to enter the cathedral on this visit as the wheelchair entrance is a double door entrance and only one door was open. Well worth a visit but not accompanied


It would be easy to remedy these shortcomings by providing signage about the entrance and making the sure that both sides of the double doors were open. The marked parking area is quite a distance from the front gate and again there is no signage. It seems to me that it would be relatively easy to clearly mark a couple of designated disabled parking spaces in such a large area, preferably close to the disable entrance door.

My Accessibility Rating for St Colman’s Cathedral is 3 out of 5

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