An Unaccompanied Jaunt

I had a relatively lazy start this morning (March 11th), heading to Dublin on the 09.20 train for a meeting with the MS & Me Blog team. Check out the blog at MS & Me Blog. Jean dropped me off at Kent Station and headed home to bed after completing the first of four nights, thus my unaccompanied jaunt. I was met in the station by Jerry from Irish Rail who assisted me boarding. The train had fewer passengers than my last trip and therefore much more pleasant, nobody standing and no problem moving about. Train travel as it should be. More passengers boarded at a few stations along the way and by the time we arrived in Heuston Station it was full. Travelling by train gives different views and travelling alone gives one time to consider different aspects of the countryside. I have just noticed the volume of trees damaged in the recent storms, some totally uprooted but the majority damaged and felled. They say that it is an ill wind that blows no good and the ‘good’ that came out of the bad winds is that tree surgeons were working long hours to fell trees and there shouldn’t be any shortage of firewood next winter. I also passed a number of waterlogged and flooded fields and swollen rivers. It’s such pity that we can’t export water to countries that need it when we have too much. Those huge super tankers bringing oil from the Gulf are going back empty, could these be used?  There are oil pipelines straddling the globe so it shouldn’t be too difficult to pipe water from areas with excess to areas that are badly in need. I suppose that if it could be done it would have been done by now. In truth we rarely have too much of it – it is now coming to 4 days without rain and I can already hear distant warnings of drought and ‘Sure the farmers could do with a drop’. The toilets on the train are fully accessible. I arrived in Heuston Station after about 2 ½ hours and was whisked away by taxi to The Radisson Blu, Golden Lane. Accessibility and other issues were dealt with in a previous post. I had lunch with my brother Eugene in the hotel and everything was fine.

Later that evening we had a beautiful buffet in the stunning Sky Suite before settling down to the main business for the trip. I felt that the meeting was very productive but only time will tell if my blogging skills improve. The meeting was co-hosted by MS Ireland and Novartis. I had breakfast the following morning and while I could be warned that fries are not very healthy I had a fry and enjoyed every bit of it. To hell with calorie counters and unsaturated fats every once in a while. I had lunch later on with my sister Rose before being whisked back to Heuston Station by taxi where I met my sister Marion for a brief chat before boarding the train and heading back to the ‘Real Capital’. When I got back to Cork the very helpful Jerry was on hand to assist me and Jean was waiting outside to take me home.

I would have no difficulty in recommending Irish Rail for a journey whether accompanied or unaccompanied

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4 thoughts on “An Unaccompanied Jaunt

  1. Hey Declan, could you give me some insight on whether you need to notify the train station ahead of time before your train or is it easily accessible. Just curious

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