Puerto De La Duquesa 2014

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything but December and January are not great months for getting around in Ireland and the bad weather doesn’t help. Anyway we headed for our favourite holiday destination, Puerto De La Duquesa, Spain on January 26 in an effort to shake off the winter blues. We arrived at Cork Airport in storm force wind and rain and to my utter disappointment the air-bridges were not in use. I can’t say that I was surprised as there seems to be some sort ban on using them in Cork. We flew to Malaga where the weather was warm and sunny and dry and we had the use of an air-bridge to disembark the plane. Go figure – wind and rain no air-bridge beautiful sunshine air-bridge.

There really isn’t a lot to report about Duquesa. A lot of the restaurants were still closed for the winter so our choice of eateries was very much reduced but we managed to muddle through. Parapiros still has the issue with the disabled toilet being up 2 steps but the food is well worth it. La Traviata has toilets that are not wheelchair accessible and the situation is the same with Hemingways. Both need a degree of mobility. C Bar, Ocean, Mandarin Palace and The Mexican all have accessible toilets but all 4 have a step up which makes unaccompanied access difficult. Miel on the Paseo Maritimo has an accessible toilet but has a seriously steep entry ramp. Having said all that we will continue with our visits. The issues with accessibility are usually trumped by great weather, food and drink. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t that great but after what we left behind in Cork just being dry was great and any bit of sunshine was a bonus.

This is me topping up my Vitamin D3 levels. DSCN3898

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2 thoughts on “Puerto De La Duquesa 2014

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