I have created this blog in an attempt to highlight places that are accessible to mobility impaired people, accompanied wheelchair users and unaccompanied wheelchair users. It is not an advertising forum for the establishments mentioned. The reports will come from people with mobility issues or closely related to or working with people with mobility issues. It will deal with the practical rather than theoretical. Reports will be based on actual visits rather than claims by venues relating to accessibility. I will not be commenting on super holidays which involve strenuous physical activities but others are welcome to fill that gap in the blog if they wish.Declan at Mallow a

This blog will focus on parking adjacent to venues, ease of access into venues, ease of movement around the venues and toilet facilities in the venues. I have included a category ‘Just Thoughts’ which does not have anything to do with specific venues. It is ‘just thoughts’ going through my head at the time and other stuff that I hope you find interesting.

It is not my intention to be critical of food offered in restaurants, films seen in cinemas or the cultural value of museums or art galleries. I will comment on the food or other activity to try and make the reader get a better feel for the venue. It is my intention to offer constructive criticism to  establishments that, in my humble opinion, do not provide adequate facilities and to highlight the ones who do.

The initial reports will be about Cork and posted by me but I would like to see other contributors  come on board and post reports about their home areas. Contributions will also be welcome from all parts of the country and hopefully the site will develop to cover the whole island of Ireland.

I would also like to get comments and reviews from people with other disabilities. Age is not a disability it is a fact of life and I would love some of the older generation to come on board and comment on their experiences. The site will not be restricted to mobility impaired users. To all people with disabilities and their families and carers please join in and grow this blog for everyone to use. 

Please feel free to leave a comment or use the ‘contact’ button (on the menu bar) for a private message


19 thoughts on “Home

  1. Fantastic blog! Bang on an issue that (annoyingly) needs addressing. I’m involved in a similar project in the North East of England, “Tell DAFNE” (Disability Access for the North East (https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=tell%20dafne)).
    You are on it Declan!

  2. Really pleased to have found you. Recently diagnosed. Blind and mobility impaired but not wanting to stop traveling.

    • Declan Groeger

      I am honoured that you thought of me but the site address is incorrect my site is able2access.wordpress.com not accessibilitydotnet.wordpress.com

  3. You have a great blog I’m sure it will help many!

  4. This is awesome !
    i had the same thought for a blog also .maybe i ll succeed it soon.
    although my idea is a short poem or quote for the day.

    keep bringing your radiance to people s lives.

  5. Nell Bridges

    Hi Declan,
    Thank you for setting this up. I’m coming to Ireland for a holiday very soon. I’ve had a lot of difficulty finding out about disability access, especially access to disabled toilets. I’m sure this will put many potential disabled visitors off coming.
    I will send you any info that I think you might find useful.
    There’s also a chance I might be moving to Ireland, so your work will be even more important for me.
    All the best, Nell

    • Declan Groeger

      Thanks for your comment and interest Nell. Unfortunately my full website won’t be up for a while yet as I have only applied for funding recently. If you get a chance you might vote for my project . I need all the votes I can get. Thanks for your support

  6. Ailbe O'Reilly

    Hi Declan, well done on the blog. Hope you’re keeping well.

  7. Well done Declan on the blog and I hope it will really help people with disability. As you may be aware I’m involved in coaching the National Table Tennis Paralympic Development squad, so I was delighted to hear that the Mardyke Leisure Centre was installing table tennis tables, only to then discover that the area where the tables are located will not be wheelchair accessable. This is a shame because table tennis is a sport very suited to wheelchair users. However Beech Hill Table Tennis Club is wheelchair accessable and has dedicated wheelchair coaching. If anyone (any age) is interested please ring me on 087-2840166. I would be delighted to help. Good Declan, Rory

  8. Sean Murphy.

    Well done Declan.

  9. segan

    Great idea for a blog… you can give the info that is most pertinent for accessibility.., and can easily link to yelp or tripadvisor if people want more general reviews… good luck!

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