Hi, my name is Declan Groeger. I live on the outskirts of Cork City with my wife Jean. I was diagnosed with RRMS in June 1988. I stopped work in 2010. I use a wheelchair when out of the house. When I am not in the chair I rely on a walking stick and/or a family member for support.

Upper floor venues, for me, are out of reach unless there is an elevator.


Elaine Sheehan (nee Groeger) has joined my blog team. She is well informed on mobility issues

Elaine 4 blog

4 thoughts on “About

  1. A little bit of thoughtfulness could make a huge difference to people with disability and those with buggies.For instance if shops put signs out on paths that limit the amount of room there is on a pavement, it becomes an issue where there shouldnt have been one.

  2. Maybe people could rate their shopping centres, theatres, cinemas, churches, and other public places in terms of their accessibility for others- parents with prams , wheelchairs, partially sighted etc. we were shocked recently to see a public bus in Lanzarote with a sign saying buggies were not allowed on the bus!

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